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These fun, faucet friends

will help kids understand

that germ-fighting power

is right in their hands!

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All materials ©Caliman 2022

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Sticker set

Activity sheets

• Handwashing fact themed for each season

• A riddle 

• Handwashing history feature

• A helpful tip

• Fun learning game to play alone or with friends

Children need to learn the importance of handwashing, and having fun while learning will help them retain information better. The Cleanup Crew activity sheets use a playful, hands-on format to spread the message about hand hygiene, and provide facts, tips, and more that will engage and entertain. Each sheet includes:

Children need frequent reminders to wash their hands. But often when they do, they don’t scrub for long enough for hand washing to be effective. The Cleanup Crew sticker set is the solution. Each sticker set includes:

4 character stickers– that will catch any child's eye when placed above the sink or on the mirror and remind them to wash their hands!

1 Song sticker – which not only teaches kids important hand-washing technique, but ensures that they meet
the all-important 20-second duration necessary to eradicate germs when they sing along at the sink!


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A clever and FUN way
to spread an important message!


Gwinnett Health Fair

     and Kids Expo

We applaud your efforts
in keeping kids safe during
this extraordinary time.


– NYU Langone Health

Thank you for helping
to spread the message
of clean hands to kids!


– Florida Chapter
    American Academy
    of Pediatrics

All materials ©Caliman 2022

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